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Went to sons football match wearing my much loved timberlands.It was a severely wet day and to dry the boots I placed them beneath the radiator, when I went to wear them the following week I found that one boot had shrunk by 1cm and had come completely away from the sole, having called the uk customer services they told me that without the receipt they would not be able to do anything, I feel really cheated as these were a gift and only around 18 months old!,, I'm now left with a pair of boots that are of no use to anyone.

So much for the lifetime warranty, very poor service Timberland.NOT A HAPPY BUNNY!!

Review about: Timberland Boots.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $180.

Preferred solution: A replacement pair.

I liked: Boots.

I didn't like: No offer of replacement.


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"my much loved timberlands"

That's downright perverse, man.

Do you have a shoe collection in your special closet ?

Coatesville, Pennsylvania, United States #969339

They are not real timberlands!!!!!!!! Jajajajajajaj I bought a pair try to return in a timberland store and they showed all the tricks this people make to the timberlands ✌️✌️They are fake jajajajsjaja funny part is this people charge those fake boots as real timberlands

Paisley, Scotland, United Kingdom #916644

If your all done bashing @roxbury it was not direct heat it below a heater and I was not cleaning them I wa drying them, the heater is three feet off the ground so before you jump to conclusions perhaps you should ask first, my ability to read is not in question unlike your inability to use the word "know" in the correct context. @anonymous well what can I say remaining anonymous says it all really. @kevin Richards again perhaps your comprehension isn't quite what it should be the boots were not 'on' a radiator they were below it by quite some distance so when you decide to question an individual's snartness maybe a mirror would be of help to you, merry Christmas to you all

Orange, California, United States #916066

Your son needs a smarter mother, first of all it was you who lost the receipt, second that is what happens when you are foolish enough to put shoes on a radiator.


How was that their fault?Return policies are getting tighter and tighter because of people like you.

Buy a proper boot dryer and stop getting company's to foot the bill for your own ignorance.

No wonder retail wages are low having to replace items over and over for idiots.

West Roxbury, Massachusetts, United States #910935

uh did you read the cleaning information on them?because i'm SURE they wouldn't recommend you put them under a heater, that's DIRECT heat.

this is not the manufacturer's fault in any means it's your own inability to read that did them in.

why should they give you another pair?even with a receipt I wouldn't be surprised if they said know especially with you admitting what you did to them.

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